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I am a beginner at yoga and have really enjoyed the classes they are challenging enough but there lots of options if you want to make it more difficult or slightly easier depending on the day. There is no judgement from anyone and they are really welcoming. Her voice is really calming and the gong practise at the end is a great addition I have never experienced before.


The instructor has a very warming, calming presence and she creates an inclusive, serene atmosphere. She encourages and reassures, reminding you that yoga is not about punishing your body, but experimenting and finding what feels good for you. I come away from the session feeling uplifted and grateful. I really would recommend to anyone!


Had a brilliant yoga & gong bath session with Kallie at Ikea Greenwich last night. A really wonderful experience and Kallie’s flow and approach was perfectly balanced. Thank you! 


Thank you for a wonderful practice among beautiful women. Your soothing voice, the gong bath, your inclusive teaching made it into a wonderful experience. I feel more grounded and grateful for having taken one hour of the day to dedicate to myself. 


The full moon gong bath was truly soothing and powerful, thank you


Thank you so much for offering these online sessions. It was really lovely + very important. And for the time I was doing yoga I wasn't thinking & stressing about the current situation! So important


I just had a beautiful session with Kallie online. I highly recommend you send her your deets for some grounding and calming practice


If anyone enjoys a spot of yoga, Kallie's sessions are wonderfully restorative and calming. Highly recommended. It's also in a magic castle in the woods! What's not to like! 


These trees, like a circle of friends. Thank you Kallie for all the beautiful moments around yoga and gong in Severndroog Castle and Shrewsbury House. Highly grateful for it all. Now that I'm back home, I will keep the Rebel Yoga Spirit alive amongst my herd, my tribe. These woods, they are my castle.


It was the most perfect night to bathe in the soma of the moon. Thank you for holding space for us and guiding us in the most exquisite way


I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying re-connecting with yoga after a lapse of quite a few years. You are a very encouraging teacher and I love the atmosphere you create. It's not easy making online classes so welcoming but you have managed it - dogs and all! I look forward to the sessions I am able to attend. Heartfelt thanks, 


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