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My Practice & Principles

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Yoga and sound healing has offered me the space to find calm, balance and stillness in a hectic world – like being in the eye of the storm – centred, grounded as all around me twists and turns. I used to feel fractured, overwhelmed with stress and anxiety from a demanding career and the challenges of mental health


Now I feel more healthy in mind and body. I feel connected to my inner self, have more harmony in my relationships, and my work/life balance is better. I find I continue to enjoy physical strength and endurance even as I grow older

My mental health and sense of self have been transformed, allowing me to sit with my vulnerability and stand in my power. I confidently to take up space as a Brown woman, a leader in the workplace and a social justice activist who is committed to anti racist work, decolonising and honouring roots of yoga and enabling access to wellness for all. Please contact me to be receive information about Parts 1 and 2 of 10 hour immersion courses in Decolonising Yoga for dedicated students and yoga teachers;  and the Radical Yogi Book Club for all.


I have over 1200 hours (E-RYT 500 + 300) of yoga teacher training. Field of study and practice include hatha and classical kundalini with Yogrishi Vishvketu; tantra yoga with Sianna Sherman; advanced yin with Norman Blair; lunar vinyasa flow with Shiva Rea; skill in action and antiracism with Michelle Cassandra Johnson; bhakti and Sanskrit with Sheela Bringi and Sreedevi Bringi; accessible yoga with Jivana Heyman and Dianne Bondy. I find inspiration and soul support with Tejal Patel, Jesal Parikh and Susanna Barkataki.


I am fully certified as a Sound Healing & Gong Therapy Practitioner with Sheila Whittaker, the College of Sound Healing and as a Total Yoga Nidra Teacher with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli


If you would like to know more about decolonising yoga, race equity and social justice immersion courses, Radical Darshan, Radical Yogi Book Club, online yoga classes or sound healing, please get in touch. You can contact me by filling out the form


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