Yoga & Sound Healing

ONLINE HOME RETREAT AVAILABLE by donation to Severndroog Castle


Sunday Sound Sanctuary - Restorative Yin and Gong 

ON HOLD £25 for 2 hour monthly themed workshop

Immerse yourself in restorative yin yoga, guided relaxation (yoga nidra) and sound healing vibrations with gongs and Himalayan bowls to harmonise the flow of energy - enhanced by therapeutic essential oils

Yin yoga is accessible and involves seated or lying poses held in stillness to encourages meditation and slow myo-fascial  release and sound healing bath will wash over you to induce a deep state of relaxation where energetic and cellular rejuvenation, renewal and repair takes place


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ON HOLD Pay it forward rates up to £10 

75 min weekly yoga classes


Hatha yoga brings balance and harmony to the physical and energetic body through mindful movement to build strength and aid mobility, breath work to calm and sound vibrations of the gong to heal. 


Classes are suitable for EVERY BODY - new to yoga, experienced yogis who prefer a more inwardly focused practice and chair yoga adaptations available to increase accessibility


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ON HOLD New Moon Womxn's Circles

£15 or £25 (w/gong) 2 hour monthly workshop


Inclusive sister circle to grow community connections – ALL welcome particularly black, minority ethnic and women of colour, those who identify as womxn, femme/feminine-identifying gender queer and non-binary and any womxn who has ever felt isolated or not heard


Practice mindful yoga and ritual to honour the lunar cycle, set and manifest intentions, learn traditional mantras and mudras, and share readings to root the circle deeply. You are invited to celebrate your heritage by sharing your cultural traditions and ceremonies

FREE ONLINE New & Full Moon Gong Bath

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20:00 Fri 5 June

ON HOLD £15 for 1 hour monthly sound immersion

Let go, surrender and release that which no longer serves through lunar ritual while bathing in the vibrations of the gong and the light of the silvery moon at the highest point in south east London - right in the heart of ancient woodlands. 


Create and manifest with the magic of the moon and the sounds of powerful gongs in a place of natural beauty and human wonderment

Om Som Somaya Namaha

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Decolonising Yoga | Honouring Yoga Roots

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