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Yoga, Sound & Gong Healing

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Rest & ReSet Yin  

Live Zoom class and then uploaded to YouTube

Immerse yourself in restorative yin yoga and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) as part of your healing journey for inherited or experienced trauma or to balance the flow of energy (qi or prana)

Yin yoga is accessible and involves seated or lying poses held in stillness to encourages meditation and slow myo-fascial  release. You are invited to use homemade props to bring extra comfort and ease to your practice so you feel restored, replenished and nourished.

Slow Flow & Restore Hatha

Live Zoom class and then uploaded to YouTube

Hatha yoga brings balance and harmony to the physical and energetic body through mindful movement (asana) to build strength and aid mobility, breath work (pranayama) to calm and anchor the mind, and mantra (chanting) and mudra (hand gestures) to guide the flow of energy.


Classes are designed for EVERY BODY - new to yoga, experienced yogis who prefer a more inwardly focused practice with holistic approach honouring the roots of yoga. Chair yoga options available to increase accessibility - please message me directly to let me know about your needs so I may support you fully. 

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Gong Bath & Yoga Nidra

New & Full Moon Sound Sanctuary

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Let go, surrender, release and manifest through the ritual of sacred sound to honour the lunar cycle. Intention setting, mantra and readings to heal trauma and root out injustice. The vibrations of the gong and the light of the silvery moon will wash over you to induce a deep state of relaxation where energetic and cellular rejuvenation, renewal and repair takes place.

The Lunar Series which incorporates moon salutation practice (chandra namaskar) will be the theme in the weekly hatha class so you are invited to combine yoga and gong for two hour mini retreat of self care and healing. 

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In person classes and workshops


Check out online offer instead!

Live in person classes at The Yoga Space London (my local studio) coming soon 


What's on hold for now : 

New + Full Moon Circle


Sunday Sound Sanctuary at Severndroog


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