Decolonising & Honouring Yoga

Race equity, cultural appropriation and integrity

The 10 hour online live course over 4 weeks will provide a critical lens and clear framework to understand the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression 

1. Identity and intersectionality

2. Colonialism, seeds of racism and legacy

3. Critical race theory 

4. Cultural appropriation and liberation thinking 


Drawing on tools of yogic philosophy as a call for action and liberation, we will reflect on our practice and challenge the legacy of colonial thinking to bring healing to our community by co-creating anti racist, inclusive and representative spaces 

You can be confident that you are learning within a safe and supported environment with a skilled facilitator who is leading from a heart centred place of love and compassion. 


Book Race Equity & Cultural Appropriation Course here 

The Radical Yogi Book Club


Monthly online meet up for chat n' chai with our chosen book. We will dive into challenging reads by inspiring writers on antiracism and yoga.


Last Sunday of each month  16:00 - 17:30 


Sun 27 Sept - Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race by Reni Eddo Lodge


Sun 25 Oct - Natives by Akala


Sun 29 Nov - How to be an antiracist by Ibram X Kendi


Sun 31 Jan - Restorative yoga for ethnic and race based stress and trauma by Dr Gail Parker

Book Radical Yogi Book Club here

The Philosophy Series - Foundations of Yoga 

Honour the roots of practice by developing a secure understanding of yoga and ayurveda and deepen your personal practice (sadhana) 


6 hour introductory online live course over 4 weeks to discover the philosophy which underpins yoga practice


Suitable for yoga students and new teachers seeking a refresher.

Sun 1 Nov 16:00 – 17:30

  1. Beyond Asana  - the 8 limbed path of yoga

  2. Living Yoga - the ethical codes of yamas & niyamas 

  3. Ayurveda : The Science of Life  - the five great elements and doshas

  4. The Chakra System 


Book the Philosophy Series here 

Yin | Hatha | Vinyasa |  Classical Kundalini | Yoga Nidra | Sound Healing | Gong Therapy | Meditation|

Decolonising Yoga | Honouring Yoga Roots | Radical Yogi Book Club 

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