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Decolonising & Honouring Yoga - Part 1

Race equity, cultural appropriation and integrity

Part 1  - 10 hour online live course over 4 weeks will provide a critical lens and clear framework to understand the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression

Sat 16 Oct - 6 Nov 14:00 - 16:30

Catch up available via recording

1. Identity and intersectionality

2. Colonialism, seeds of racism and legacy

3. Critical race theory 

4. Cultural extraction, reparation and liberation thinking 


Drawing on tools of yogic philosophy as a call for action and liberation, we will reflect on our practice and challenge the legacy of colonial thinking to bring healing to our community by co-creating anti racist, inclusive and representative spaces 

You can be confident that you are learning within a brave space and supported environment with a skilled facilitator who is leading from a compassionate heart centred place of revolutionary love  

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Decolonising Yogic & Ayurvedic Philosophy - Part 2

Honour the roots of wisdom traditions indigenous to South Asia by deconstructing the foundations of philosophy and re-interpreting practices so you are empowered to take yoga off your mat and into the world.


This 10 hour online live course over 4 weeks follows on from Part 1 and dives deeper into how the call for action towards liberatory practices is rooted in justice and equity and where it is threaded throughout yogic and ayurvedic philosophy. These practices are so often centred on self development in the West without regard to our relationship with others and nature - transform your intentions into action, turn your gaze outward towards collective care

Mon 11 Oct - 1 Nov 18:00 - 20:30

  1. Beyond Asana  

  2. Living Yoga  

  3. Ayurveda : Co-exist in Harmony 

  4. Rise Up Towards Liberation 

The Radical Yogi Book Club

Change makers! Get your read on! 


Monthly online meet up for chat n' chai with our  book of the month. We will dive into challenging reads by inspiring writers on antiracism and yoga.

Pay it forward or donations (suggested rate £5 sustainer or £10 benefactor) 


NEW SCHEDULE Wednesdays 20:00 - 21:00 


Weds 15 Sept   - So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

Weds 10 Nov - Tribes by David Lammy

Weds 15 Dec - Finding Refuge by Michelle Cassandra Johnson


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