Yoga is for EVERY BODY 


Yoga becomes more accessible and body positive by actively creating inclusive spaces of equity and committing to antiracism and representation - people of colour, those with different sized bodies, disability or identify as non binary/gender neutral, or have lower economic status


Covid 19: All online classes are free or donation to be fully inclusive 


Rebel YogaTribe classes are offered on an affordable 'pay it forward' model. You are supported to have somatic autonomy and practice is paced so it is accessible.  You are empowered to make choices about where you are on the mat. You can expect to leave feeling good about your practice, and feeling as if you have found your very own Rebel YogaTribe

As a British born yoga teacher of Indian heritage, I honour the wisdom traditions of yoga  - bringing cultural awareness to the practice and developing your understanding of the colonial legacy in modern yoga   

I work tirelessly with passion and commitment towards  crystallising the intersection of race and culture through the lens of yoga - how to navigate yoga spaces which, without intention, can marginalise and exclude, how to express cultural appreciation without appropriation and how to honour the rich diversity of the South Asian roots of yoga

Book me to talk, present or teach Race Equity, Justice in Cultural Appropriation & Integrity in Yoga at your event/teacher training. Want to know about my approach - watch videos with over 35k views on Instagram


Protection, Healing & Resilience


Slow Flow & Restore Yoga 

10:00 Saturdays / 18:30 Wednesdays 


Rest & ReSet Yin & Nidra 

18:00 Sundays


Lunar Gong Baths - New & Full Moon

19:00 Yin / 20:00 Gong 

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My inspiration

Audre Lorde 


Moon marked and touched by sun
my magic is unwritten
but when the sea turns back
it will leave my shape behind.
I seek no favor
untouched by blood
unrelenting as the curse of love
permanent as my errors
or my pride
I do not mix
love with pity
nor hate with scorn


and if you would know me where the restless oceans pound.

I have been woman
for a long time
beware my smile
I am treacherous with old magic
and the noon's new fury
with all your wide futures
I am
and not white.

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