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1:1 Sound Healing & Private Yoga

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1:1 sound healing therapy immerses you in the vibrations of 5 powerful gongs or vibracoustic massage of chakra, elememtal or meridians with direct placement of Himalayan bowls


You may experience a dream-like state between wakefulness and sleep where your brain waves slow down inducing a state of meditation, deep relaxation and healing

Sound baths are experienced either seated or lying down in a comfortable position 

£50 - 60 min sound healing therap

1:1 yoga provides a supportive introduction  for beginners and offers a safe and accessible environment for those with an injury or health condition

Together we explore what works best for your body, going at your pace - building stable and secure foundations and bringing in variations to develop your practice and grow your confidence in preparation for classes

1:1 practice closes with a short gong bath


£40 - 70 min private class 

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