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Mudrā - dissolving into bliss

The symbolic meaning of mudrā is sacred energy seal, gesture or mark. Muda + drā brings together bliss dissolving which means that which dissolves duality and brings union - the union of the self and the Divine.

Mudrā may be created of hasta [hand], pāda [foot], kaya [body] and/or citta [consciousness]. A pattern of gestures or seals directs, guides and facilitates the flow of vital life force energy, prāṇa, throughout the pañca koshas or layers/sheaths of the body-mind-soul matrix.

Before starting, warm up!

  1. Interlace fingers and rotate wrists into figure of 8 infinity symbol

  2. Curl and unfurl fingers and play imaginary piano

  3. Rub hands for up to 30 seconds to stimulate and activate nadis and marma points

  4. Place hands, palms face up, on onto lap for 15 seconds to become attuned to pulsating sensations

  5. Bring fingers and palms into mudrā - feel the energy flowing

  6. 30 seconds before sensations experienced - hold for 2 to 10 minutes

  7. Don't forget to shake out hands when you finish!

Each of the fingers represents one of the pañca-mahā-bhūtas,the five great elements with associated chakra, planet and guna. The holding of mudrā brings intentionality into the practice and cohesively draws in the subtle body of the sarira traya [3 bodies doctrine].

The table below is focusing on mantrā to support the elemental energies and the associated qualities. As you chant each line, adopt the mudrā and then switch.

Oṁ shāntiḥ shāntiḥ shāntiḥ

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